Happy feet!

For the first time in my life I ordered boots online, and they arrived today (squeeeeel!!!)


Why so excited you ask? Well, when I left Canada this summer I didn’t give much thought about where I was eventually going to settle down, so my packing ‘process’ went a bit like this;

‘it’s August, I have a two bag allowance for my flight and can’t afford to ship anything (not that I had anywhere at the time to send anything to), I’m going hiking and camping and it’s sunny right now. Dresses, hiking clothes and a few warmer layers in case the nights are cold sounds great!’

Fleeting thoughts of a possible/eventual fall/winter crossed my mind, but I let them go and hopped on the plane without a care in the world. Cue December and the move to Austria. Oh. It snows here. And it’s bloody cold. And I live on a mountain and need to walk at LEAST half an hour to get anywhere resembling civilization. Guess these (non-waterproof) hiking boots aren’t going to do the trick.

Now, if there’s anything I’ve learned from Boots (the boy, not the objects) it’s that quality really does make a difference so I didn’t just want to buy ANY pair of winter boots – I wanted pretty, I wanted waterproof, I wanted warm, I wanted practical…and I wanted inexpensive. Impossible, right?

Not so – I spent ages reading reviews of winter boots online and came across this review in the National Geographic adventure blog. Let me introduce you to: The Teva Vero Boot.

Testing out my new Teva Vero boots!

Testing out my new Teva Vero boots!

The first thing that sold me – it’s a review written by someone who writes for National Geographic. I’ve been crushing on NG since I was a child, so that equaled immediate trust in the reviewer. Second – Holy cute! Third – awfully practical sounding. But the price was a wee deterrent, $180 for a gal who’s not worked much this year would be a huge stretch. So, I did what any self-respecting shopper would do and went on Amazon.de and there they were, in my size, for less than half the price!

And the verdict? They’re positively fabulous.

  • Soft as slippers
  • Sturdy and supportive
  • Cozy warm and breathable (so no icky foot sweat)
  • Amazingly waterproof (as proved when my foot crashed through a foot-deep puddle that was frozen and hidden under layers of fluffy snow).
  • Great grip for icy roads

Now, what are you waiting for? Stop reading and go order yourself a pair immediately!


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