The Hair dryer effect

Where we live, I have recently found out, is subject to rapid weather changes, caused by the föhn wind; otherwise known as the snow eater or hair dryer (yup, you read that right!). Coming up from Italy over the Alps, this warm wind can cause temperature increases of up to 30 degrees! I haven’t experienced that drastic a change yet, but it was 15 degrees yesterday and my yard went from looking like this:


To this:


Yup… hello Spring!

However, despite the chirping of birds, and buds beginning to show, this warm wind also has some strange effects. According to Wikipedia, these winds contribute to migraines and psychosis! Yup, this be a crazy-making wind.

I guess that might explain why this past week I’ve been feeling a little more antsy and unsettled than usual. I had initially chalked it up to the disappointment in my German class being cancelled – I had really been looking forward to the lessons, and to making some new friends! Alas, no class due to lack of interest. It seems that everyone in Worgl already speaks German. 😦

But, cancelled class and crazy-wind aside, it is spectacular here and what better way to cheer oneself up than going for a walk amongst the beautiful countryside. I’ve actually been…jogging(!) this week as well. Twice! I’ve never been much of a runner, nor do I know if I’ll keep it up, but running through forests, up and down hills is WAY more fun than it ever was in the city (not that I attempted it more than once or twice a year!).

But, if this hair dryer effect causes me to get out of the house more, I say bring it on!


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