Experiments in Hair.

One advantage of being rather isolated these days is that I’ve been able to try something I’ve always wanted but never had the nerve to do, due to the sheer proximity to other people and having a job where I had to look semi-respectable most days. I’ve joined the No ‘Poo movement (albeit, I’m a little belated to the party).

That’s right, I’ve stopped washing my hair.

I’ve heard numerous stories of people over the years who gave up the Shampoo and Conditioner and after weeks or months of grease were blessed with gorgeous, soft, shiny locks. And oh, how I’ve wanted this. But I’ve just never taken the leap (or the opposite of leap, as you actually STOP doing something, not start….) until now.

And it’s been just over a month.

And is my hair the greatest thing ever now? Nope. Not so much. But is it the worst thing ever? Heavy with grease, smelly and gross? Nope. Not so much either. It’s in this strange in between place that although I don’t love, I’m willing to live with just a little bit longer.


Pretty cat! Pretty fur!

So, why do this? Aside from the rumoured gorgeous hair affect,  there’s a logic to it that I really like. I was hanging out with the cat the other night and admiring her soft, shiny fur and wondered how it stayed so gorgeous – she obviously doesn’t shampoo.

So, I started Google-ing. The following points really stuck with me:

  • Shampoo is arelatively new product in our history – as in late 1900’s. Generations before us lived without it.
  • It strips away our natural oils, causing us to then produce more oil, which makes our hair greasier, which means we wash more, which makes it greasier, and so on in a vicious cycle.
  • It really is better for the environment. It’s not going to change the world, but it’s less waste and less chemicals being flushed into our water supply.
  • And lastly, it’s my little, personal protest to the beauty industry. I’m sick of being told about all the chemical laden products I have to use to be beautiful, and to get that ‘natural glow’. Natural glow? I’ll show ya ‘natural glow’.

So, one Sunday I got up and didn’t shampoo my hair in the shower, same the next, and the next, and before I knew it, it had been an entire week since I put shampoo in my hair. (note: I do still rinse it under water, massage my scalp and the like to rinse out dust and sweat)

Bad points: It was greasy.

Good points: It didn’t smell (at least, Boots promises me it doesn’t). It was softer. It didn’t tangle as much. It was thicker.

The grease was getting to me though, so I tried the following ‘no ‘poo’ methods.

Egg and Honey shampoo: Mix and egg with a teaspoon of honey in a bit of water. Apply like shampoo and wash out. With cold water. Seriously friends, you don’t want to leave the shower with cooked egg in your hair.

Rooibos Vanilla Tea conditioner:  Make tea. Steep for at least 20 minutes. Put in hair. Let sit. Wash out.

My hair smelt GREAT! But, it became dry and strangely static (think science center electric ball, Toronto peeps) So, I tried the next and most popular method.

Baking soda wash: Mix water and baking soda, rub into your hair and scalp. Wash out.

Apple Cider Vinegar conditioner: Mix a little ACV with water. Put in hair. Let sit. Wash out.

And the results? Still static-y, but much softer, and no smell at all.

And I brush. I brush, and I brush, and I brush my hair to pull the natural oils down from the scalp. And here’s how it’s looking:

DSCF9950 DSCF9967

Now, granted I need a haircut (which incidentally I did, myself(!) today but that’s another post when I can upload the photos), but really, it’s not looking so bad if I do say so myself.

Some days are better than others, but on the really bad ones I toss it up in a ponytail and get on with it. But it’s truly getting softer, and shinier, and thicker. I’m going to give it another month, and see where I am at that point.

Would I recommend it? I think so. I’ll let you know in a month. But, if my hair keeps going in the direction I think it’s going, then it’ll be an absolute Hells to the Yes!







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