(re)Connecting, Crowdfunding and Camino Wear

Hey friends, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, huh? I knew it had been over a month, but when I logged back in and found out that I’d not posted since the beginning of April my jaw dropped.


There are two reasons – one purely fun, and one fun but practical!

Purely fun, is that (with the exception of the torrential rain and flooding for more than a week in May) summer has finally arrived! Boots and I have spent most weekends walking up and exploring some of the amazing mountains here. I am in awe of this country. Completely and truly. And feel so incredibly blessed that I am able to spend a piece of my life here. Here are a few faves from recent weeks…


The fun, but practical reason is that….Boots and I are starting a wee company! Yup! As most of you know, Boots and I met in Spain walking the Camino de Santaigo and that is where we got the inspiration.

What is the idea you ask? It’s called Camino Wear – clothing and accessories that celebrate, and are inspired by Walking, Travel and Adventure.

It’s something that we are really excited and passionate about, but the thing is we just don’t have the cash to start it up yet.

Living in Austria so far has not been the most lucrative. Boots patiently works at his job while my savings diminish (read: disappear) and I try to find piecemeal work online and search for jobs (challenging with my embarrassingly bad German). As much as I gush about living here and walking up mountains and how beautiful it is and ”blah, blah shut-up already’…it’s actually been quite challenging.

But the thing is – we didn’t want NOT having money to stop us from putting Camino Wear into the world, so – we did what any logical self-starting business lacking funds would do and we have launched a campaign on Indiegogo.

And guys – I’m absolutely giddy about it! We’ve only been ‘live’ for four days and we’ve already reached 28% of our goal. We’ve got 27 days left and I’m feeling optimistic that we’ll meet our goal. And if we surpass it? Wow, there’s so much else that we’ll be able to do! More designs, a kick ass online shop, a decent amount of stock that we can actually sell – it would be SO exciting!

It’s also been a lot of work though – from learning how to shoot and edit a video, creating the campaign, trying to personally email every single person I’ve ever met (if you haven’t received an email from me yet, you will!) to reaching out to Camino and travel communities online…I’m learning so much.

But the greatest thing thus far? It’s been emailing everyone. I have a fair number of facebook friends…many of whom I’m in contact with regularly, the majority with whom I’m not, and a large number of people whom I haven’t spoken to in years. The emails I’m sending aren’t epic, they’re mostly just hello’s (plus a link to the Camino campaign)…but for each one I send I get to spend a moment thinking about why I know that individual and what they’ve meant in my life. And there’s something really special about that.

I’d actually recommend it. I wouldn’t recommend trying to email every single one of them in a week – that’s crazy making and sleep hindering…but why not a few every week, or once a month. You could go alphabetically, by time in your life, completely randomly, by who shows up on your facebook feed…whatever works for you – but I’d say give it a shot, reach out and reconnect.

And now – a final word on the Camino Wear campaign. Reaching (and hopefully surpassing) our goal is going to take a LOT more work and I need your help! What can you do? I’m so glad you asked!

  • If you can financially afford it – contribute a bit. One pound? A thousand? Every single bit helps us get closer to realizing our dream. And we have some really great perks for everyone that does.
  • Share the campaign with folks you know – on facebook, on twitter, in conversation, by personally reaching out to the outdoor/travel/cute-clothing-loving people in your life. The combined group of YOU, know a whole lot more people than singular ME.
  • Give me feedback. Do you have any thoughts about what would make the whole thing better? Things you really like, or really don’t? I’d love to know. Message me – through my blog, through facebook, through Indiegogo or via email if you’ve got my address. I’d love to hear from you!

So really – thank you friends! For reading my blog, for checking out the campaign, for being someone (regardless of how brief our interaction) who has made my world a better place! 🙂

Now – go watch our cheesy video and check out the campaign!


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